Xr Solutions- Expanding Business Beyond Reality

Xr Solutions- Expanding Business Beyond Reality

While the technology and development sectors have been moving towards personalized, online spaces for a while- the rise of Covid has led to a marketing and operating space that is largely dependent on the cloud. The terms VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Relative) have been around for a while- but their usage has been almost entirely confined to the entertainment sector. For those of you still unfamiliar with recent developments- XR or extended reality is an umbrella term that includes VR, AR, and MR (Mixed Reality) development environments. Any extended reality space that works as an extension of the world we see around us might be deemed as an XR environment.

Given that businesses, education, medicine have globalized rapidly, it is getting increasingly more difficult to grow, train, and take initiatives to develop. While it seemed plausible to only invest in conventional digital engagement in the past- a predicted growth of  46.5% from 2020 to 2026 in XR production (MarketWatch) indicates that the future requires more immersion.

XR for networking:

For those still hesitant to try out XR for client engagement, XR conferencing and networking technologies offer a unique new path for business-to-business interaction. Not only will this allow the conduction of business at a global level, it will also expand your company’s contact database via online events. 

XR for recruitment and training:

In data-backed sectors like education, marketing, and business- a comprehensive recruitment policy is required to recruit and train an efficient workforce. Prospective candidates can be assessed and recruitment tasks can be simulated via XR environments. Past that, AI can collect task data and make absolute, bias-free hiring decisions. 

During the training period, fully immersive interactive spaces can be simulated at relatively low costs that can upskill your entire workforce and analyze work performance remotely.

XR for remote operation and business expansion:

For any business to expand beyond logistical boundaries, an XR environment must be an alternative to reality. As the boundaries between reality and computer-generated content are increasingly murky, businesses are expanding their branding, marketing, and operations to augmented reality spaces. 

XR for sales:

For sales to be effective, your team needs to be completely rehearsed in both pitches and about the product. An XR training and demonstration space not only allows your team to interact with a virtual version of the product, but also allows remote engagement to customers beyond logistical and geographic boundaries. 

More realities allow for more customization and flexible implementation of virtual environments. Mazer 360 is an agency that specializes in the identification of XR opportunities for your business and helps create a customer-friendly setup. Their XR platform allows the creation of immersive avatars and objects that upscales the customer experience to another level. And if all of that wasn’t enough, Mazer’s end-to-end encryption allows for secure data exchange and storage within the virtual space. 

In an era defined by remote operation and engagement, stay ahead of the curve by approaching business problems with XR solutions.