Celebrate The Art of Gift Giving with Daënara

Daënara is a luxury jeweler founded in 1991. Combining excellence and precision, it enjoys a certain prestige while keeping a deeply human dimension. We are convinced that those who bring the world of jewelry to life must be open, generous and attentive, and that is why we are always there for our customers. From the beginning, we have made it […]

The Carnelian Crystals: Meaning and Amazing Properties

It is a precious gemstone with a dull red or reddish-white color. This gemstone is most often associated with the sacral chakra. The carnelian is an amazing stone imbued with incredible abilities and powers. It is considered one of the essential or must-have gemstones in one’s collection. It is believed to be imbued with unique spiritual properties useful for many […]

Top Ways You Can Enjoy Better Quality Sleep

Do you want to have better quality sleep? Then be sure to check out these tips on how to achieve just that from AXA Health’s Mental Health Services Clinical Lead, Dr Mark Windwood. 1. Be active during daytime hours In order to feel tired at night, you should strive to exercise during the daytime hours. When you’re active it actually […]