Get Ahead of the Competition – Start Using Data to Power your eCommerce Strategy Today

Get Ahead of the Competition – Start Using Data to Power your eCommerce Strategy Today

The business world is constantly changing and depends on data to get insights for driving the best business results. Here, we will peek into how data can help your business.

The conversion rate depends on how many leads a business generates and guides them through the sales funnel. When business owners know who is visiting their website, they can drive more traffic to their website. Online data allow them to know about these factors in detail.

Importance of Data for Businesses

Data is an integral part of growing a business into an enterprise. This information allows organization leaders to make informed executive decisions for their marketing campaigns.

Moreover, with the help of appropriate data, businesses can develop unique ideas to increase overall growth and take the organization towards success.

If businesses don’t keep track of their data, it will be impossible for them to know how their campaigns are performing and who is buying their products or services.

When businesses are constantly collecting, storing, and monitoring these data, it helps them to generate smarter decisions and launch better campaigns. Therefore, businesses will be able to generate better traffic to their website and get better leads to guide them through the sales funnel.

Mistakes Most Businesses Make in Gathering and Processing Data

As mentioned earlier, gathering, managing, connecting, and generating value from data is crucial for any eCommerce business that wants to progress in the long run. However, most businesses make 5 crucial mistakes here:

  • Failing to meet expectations: While analyzing data, most businesses focus on trends and offer a solution based on the trends. However, the majority percentage of the trend doesn’t represent everyone. There is room for exceptional insight within these data, and when business owners can recognize them, they can generate better campaigns.
  • Missing consumer blind spots: Even the most innovative businesses can miss consumer blind spots. Addressing these blind spots and offering solutions for them beforehand can influence customer buying decisions exceptionally. Proper data analysis can help businesses predict customer behavior and remove these blind spots.
  • Focusing on the past than the future: When analyzing data, most businesses focus on what happened and what is happening. However, with proper data, businesses can gather insights into what will happen and how they can leverage them. This can make the business more innovative and user-friendly.
  • Failing to follow the consumers: Businesses are now very eager to offer consumers unique solutions for their problems. However, most businesses are not ready to let their customers detect what they need. This mistake can be easily solved when businesses have appropriate data and properly analyze it.
  • Failing to explain why: It is common for businesses to bring change to their product or services by gathering and analyzing appropriate data. However, if the change is not explained properly, the audience can get wrong ideas and find completely wrong ideas about the unique solutions that the business brought.

How can CLEVR AI Help?

CLEVR AI is a platform to analyze your eCommerce business performance instantly. This platform reveals the accurate keywords and marketing activities driving traffic to the website.

Moreover, it analyzes social media activities and website traffic to give insights into how to optimize the marketing activities so businesses can generate more traffic and engagement.

It is a no-code platform or implementation – eCommerce businesses can sign up for a free account to get basic insights without commitment.