Web Technologies of 2021

Web Technologies of 2021

Because of the coronavirus, 2020 was a dull year for some progress. 2021 could be more productive and more vivacious after the vaccine process is done. Some web technologies will continue to grow in 2021 whatever the condition shows. That’s why I can list these possible technologies and their benefits and usage.

Progressive Web Application

On my website, I use PWA technology for mobile integration. PWA means progressive web application and it is something that mobile users could benefit from like normal AMP or other kind of application pages. To build a PWA application, we need a service worker and manifest file. After the coding service worker and stating manifest file, we are fit to publish our PWA application.

We can say that PWAs will be powerful because the Jamstack application build will thrive soon in the development area. That is the main case in the world we can see next years. Jamstack is based on javascript, APIs, and mark-up languages. For instance, developing your APIs for service and using it at the front-end could be a great example. Moreover, there are several kinds of programming interfaces and programming frames that are created for Jamstack.

At website, we can test our PWA application easily by putting the link in the text area. It looks for meta viewport add-on head HTML tag, manifest file declarations if they are made correctly and service worker functioning condition is checked in this website. Therefore you can search other websites to control your website PWA condition. However, the case is creating a nice style design for media on CSS and approving Google Search Console Mobile Warnings to create a better mobile experiment. That way, when you consider all these steps, mobile experience will be a complete case.

Core Web Vitals and Web Site Performance

The website performance was effective before for users. In the future and next years, Google considered it more essential for websites and formed some metrics for website performance and its loading time. These are called core web vitals and six kinds of metrics measure the website performance and website performance problems and shows them metrics and problems and the casual problems for the website.

            Core web vitals are not technology or something but what we improve on the website from performance issues are technology concepts so far that developed by programs and computer scientists. Therefore, I can name these properties and specifications that you should know in 2021 to improve website performance.

            For example, cache operations could be vital for web performance. The website could have existed mostly from HTML, CSS, and javascript. Thus, if we load these files into web browser memory, we could not expect the to server send these files over and over. Therefore, cache operations provide such a solution and it is a great technology that is specified in core web vitals.

            The minification process of CSS and javascript files is also another performance solution. When we minify our finished style and script codes, we delete “/n” and “/t” characters from compile. Therefore, the performance could increase more.

            There are other types of technologies such as HTTPS/2, lazy-loading, WebP transformation, CDN usage, and such that. Therefore, the essentials of core web vitals enforce developers to apply these technologies for better performance at the end of search engine optimization and ranking at Google.

Javascript Frameworks that are Great for Development

Javascript frameworks are the transformation of plain javascript to be used more properly and easy way. Those could be learned hard but using them could be very efficient and easy and developing applications with these frameworks could help your development process. React, angular, vue, backbone, ember, jquery, and similar examples could be shown for these frameworks. Vanilla javascript has some specific functionality and modes. When we combine these properties from HTML and to javascript side with data transfer, we can reach some kind of framework as I described. Therefore, we don’t create over and over the needed functionality but we continue from some part of improvement that is made as a framework. That’s why frameworks are powerful and very compact things to use but you can still choose to use plain javascript for some practice and benefits of performance. I can say that jam stack website format and next.js react technology will be the leading thing in the next years for development.