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Useful Google Apps You Should Be Using

Useful Google Apps You Should Be Using

Apps have changed the way we use smartphones, and today we no longer use them for gaming or only for emails. This is the reason that Google is no longer just a search engine, and now its name ranks among the top app developers. Google has built its entire suite that consists of apps and platforms for various users and customers. No, we are not only talking about Gmail. There are several other popular apps by Google that you probably do not know about. And many apps are available on the Play Store, and some even on Apple Play Store.

Read this article to know more about the Google app that you can use.

Socratic by Google  

It is an AI-powered educational application that helps struggling students by resolving their queries. You can even find video solutions for different subjects as there are explainer videos that offer step-by-step explanations. It also has a Voice Assist feature, so you can ask your Socratic any question.

Socratic can teach you Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Literature, and so on. So, if you are struggling with these subjects, you should download this application immediately. However, before that, please ensure that you have a great internet connection so you can use this application smoothly. If you are looking for a stable internet connection, then you can consider using Windstream as it offers exceptional kinetic fiber internet connection that can reach up to 2 Gig speed. You can click here for more information regarding its services and packages.

Google Keep

Google Keep is another note-taking app that allows people to save their thoughts whenever they are. So, no need to find a pen and paper to write down your ideas and thoughts. This app allows you to take notes in photos, audio, and plain text. In addition, you can add members as well if you want to share your ideas with them.

Google Maps

Google Maps is an essential app that every individual can make the most of! With Google maps, you can travel to new places, check the distance, and travel time, and even get real-time traffic updates. The major benefit of using Google Maps is that it is free to use and even if you are stuck somewhere without the internet, you can use its offline version too.

Google Maps is incredibly useful as it uses your phone’s GPS to help you find directions and places easily. The developers have added several useful features to this application to make it more useful for people. Ratings, reviews, pictures, nearby places, and even contact details for the places you want to visit are added so users can get a complete idea about the place they want to visit.

Google Slides

Google Slides was specially designed to help employees and students create presentations and save them into Google accounts. The brains behind this app knew that it is a hassle for people to prepare slides on their system and then carry them in the USB for presentations. You can easily embed videos, animations, and much more to make your presentations shine. The most interesting thing about Google Slides is that your data remains saved in Google Drive, without eating up space on your devices!  

Google Pay

You must have heard good reviews about it! This app was developed to provide a safe transaction method. The app is easy to configure and offers a smooth checkout process. In addition, it offers multiple layers of protection, so your details always remain safe. The major benefit of using this app is that most businesses accept transactions from Google Pay, so no need to carry cash anymore.

Google Lens

Google Lens helps you get interestingly connected to the world. It has remarkable capabilities of bringing up relevant information about the objects it identifies. This is the reason more and more people are adding Google Lens to their phones. As it is easier for people to find what they love in real time by simply pasting the item in the search box. And within no time, good links will be shown to you so you can buy or explore the related products.

In Brief

It is incredible to see the journey of Google from being a mere search engine to one of the top application providers. We hope you are going to enjoy using the applications we have listed above, as these applications can be a game changer for you.