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Someone’s Mother Has Four Sons North, South And East

Someone’s Mother Has Four Sons North, South And East

Someone’s mom has four boys, and three of them are named the cardinal directions: north, east, and West. Who is the fourth son, and what is his name?

Take your time and read the question over someone’s mother has four sons north south and east. “Are you easily identify the name of the fourth son?” The questioner is searching for an affirmative or negative response, not the name of the fourth son. Don’t let these questions fool you. You are more intelligent than that.

The mother of Someone I know has four sons.

You might recall the most recent “viral” puzzle that spread among Facebook’s user base. There is a Knock at the Door from Your Parents. If you got the question wrong, you were required to publish a photo of yourself doing something embarrassing and then give yourself a riddle. So, there is a new one going around now. It’s hard, exactly cutting edge. The conundrum has been around for a while and has been rephrased in a few different ways over the years.

The following is the form of the riddle I discovered most frequently passed around.

Someone’s mother has four sons, all of their own. The regions to the north, south, and east Who is the fourth son, and what is his name? Please send the name of the fourth son to me in a private message. If you come in last, you have to start over.

The correct response is unquestionably that West is the name of the fourth son. Right? You would be horribly mistaken, and the fallout from that would be felt across social media. Another solution that is rather common is that the name of the unfortunate son who has been forgotten is Someone. Despite the fact that it is a reasonable hypothesis, it still has to be verified.

Let’s take a look at the punctuation that’s already been included in the puzzle. In the realm of social media, it is finally acceptable to use proper punctuation for a change. The point on which we need to concentrate is as follows:

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Who Is The Fourth Son, And What Is His Name?

Take note that there is no question mark at the end of this line. This one sentence serves as both a statement and the solution to our social media brain teaser. Because it reveals the name of the fourth son, we can deduce that it holds the solution. I’m sorry that I ruined it for you, but I want to have a “teaching moment”, as my dad puts it, so that I may make the world a better place. Conquer your puzzles, and remember to tell us if you come up with a better solution!

In the middle of the sentences, there is what should be a question mark, but instead, there is a period. I don’t know if this is intentional (What is the last son’s name.). Even though it seems improbable, this indicates that the son’s name is What.

Therefore, the answer is that I estimate the name of the fourth son and the names Someone South or What are the most likely candidates for this guess.

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Someone is the one who has the correct solution. Quite a few of you are pointing out something that may also be the answer. However, the manner in which the question, someone’s mother has four sons north south and east, is posed in the first phrase makes it abundantly clear.