Myths about the dark web pages

Myths about the dark web pages

Dark is always associated with something scary or horror. Similarly, the dark web page has been linked with some criminal activity or black activity.

It is not valid. There are also; many other misconceptions that are attached to it. 

So if you also want to clear that misconception. Then this piece is precisely for you.

Myth#1 Deep search and dark search are the same  

They are not the same. Deep web pages are not available on regular search engines. They are not indexed because the internet considered them irrelevant to be listed or protected through passwords, controlled access databases, or other technicalities. But the data on the dark side has been purposefully hidden due to privacy issues.

Myth#2 dark web is all about .bad purpose

It contains many sites which are not always unlawful; even you can find Facebook on the dark web pages. The interesting fact is that the purpose of Tor’s (first dark search engine) development facilitating the individual whose communication is monitored by the government. They don’t have to assess freedom of speech, so their voice is heard.

Nowadays, it can be used by individuals whose activities are monitored for welfare purposes. But yes, there is another side of the picture also. 

Myth#3 dark web page includes massive data

People believe that it contains a lot of sites. But the truth is that deep search engines are more significant than darknet because deep search includes a lot of academic data, extensive research information, banking, and company data, where darknet consists of a much smaller portion of data. The dark web includes only 25000- 40000 websites.

Myth#4 promote cybercrime

Many hackers sell the products that fake products such as counterfeit software applications, credit cards. The chances of cybercrime on the darknet and surface net are the same. You can also be the victim of criminal activity on surface data. You have to be cautious while visiting links.

Myth#5 it is hard to access the dark web

You need to be a computer expert for visiting the dark web!

No, it’s not true. It is not challenging to use the dark web. One simple use it from the tor search engine or another browser. Tor is simple to download and readily available.

Myth #6 your authority is complete anonyms

Individual uses dark web search because their identity is kept hidden. Even dark browsers tried their best to keep it hidden as satisfying as possible, but there are still chances to reveal your IP.

 Myth #6 dark web is illegal to assess

The dark web is not illegal; however, ever it is ban in some countries like Russia, china Turkey, Iraq because it uses encryption to keep the hidden services and site safe. Encryption is prohibited in these countries that why it is a ban.

Myth #8 you can’t access the dark web without Tor  

Gone the days when Tor is only the way of assessing the dark web pages. But there are also many browsers are available you can find similar to one.

Among many ones is a deep search that will accommodate any gadget or browse and doesn’t allow access to cookies or java scripts and will be the best search engine.

There is no harm to any activity if you use it correctly so we hope that this article will clear many of your doubts.