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Choosing an SEO certification? Here is what to look for.

Choosing an SEO certification? Here is what to look for.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization certifications are expert endorsements or certificates provided by digital education platforms, reputed marketing agencies and reputed SEO specialists. Usually, these courses are arranged in one of three ways

i. Segmented (Where you take small quizzes at different stages of the course)

ii. Compound (All course content and classes are finished before one big test)

iii. Mixed (Both marked quizzes and a final test)

Usually, the SEO certification is provided after finishing the content and getting a suitable score on the test/ tests. SEO certification also comes in different types- beginner’s SEO, advanced SEO, inbound marketing, KW (keyword) research, competitor analysis, link building etc.

While many of these courses can cost up to thousands of dollars, some come relatively cheap.

Things to be wary of:

Sometimes you might have heard of the term ‘Google Certified SEO Expert’. Remember, Google does not provide any SEO certifications. Google’s current certifications include Google Ads, Adsesne, Google Analytics and Display/ Graphics. While a lot of this knowledge can be similar to the content covered in SEO courses, none of these will make you a Google-certified SEO expert.

Also, sometimes companies will take SEO courses in an attempt at reputation building. This means they will provide subpar content due to the intent and inexperienced staff. Thus, the most important thing to look for while deciding on an SEO course is the expert or tutor taking the course and their credentials. Genuine expertise requires years of history in the market, innovation and an impeccable track record.

Choosing an SEO certification course

While picking the right course can be a bit difficult, here is a quick checklist you can tick off before making your decision.

i. Good Reputation:

Like other certifications, your SEO certificate is only as good as other people think it is. This means both the reputation of the providing organization and the expert providing the content comes into consideration. Read reviews of every certificate you’re applying for and talk to other people who have gone through the same conundrum.

ii. Experience in the Industry:

Those who have seen the best and the worst of the SEO marketplace are the ones who are the best equipped to train new trainees. Real and genuine experts have already shifted and studied through theories of SEO and know the best way to teach it. Besides this, once a person has numerous years of experience; they can easily teach the most practical approaches to solving an SEO-related problem.

Iii. Good Track Record:

Even though some people can boast numerous years of experience in the industry, many will falter when it comes to their track record. The real struggle in the SEO line is getting positive feedback from clients and those should be referred to for a track record check.

iv. Ask the experts:

For better understanding of the industry and the providers of SEO certifications, look for coaches who understand what it takes to train in SEO for job certification.