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Is Refinishing Your Bathtub Worth It?

Is Refinishing Your Bathtub Worth It?

If your tub has begun to fade or to show signs of wear and tear, refinishing it is an excellent way to restore its appearance and extend its life. In addition to giving your bathroom a whole new look, bathtub refinishing also saves money, since you won’t have to replace the tub entirely. And because refinishing a tub is also a DIY project, you can complete it yourself if you’re handy or hire a professional like Bathtub Reglazing Specialist.

A refinished tub looks like a brand-new one, thanks to its uniform finish, fresh caulk, and updated color scheme. While the process can be expensive, it’s much cheaper than replacing the entire tub and bathroom. Not only does it prevent you from having to pay for the entire process, but it also eliminates the need for demolition, replumbing, and removing walls. Refinishing can also give your tub a brand new look, which can increase the value of your home.

While bathtubs aren’t terribly expensive, professional contractors can be quite costly, charging by the hour. Depending on the style of bathtub you have, the cost will increase as the work requires more time and materials. In addition to the labor cost, some bathtub styles may require tile work, grout work, and disposal of construction materials. The final cost can add up quickly. When determining whether bathtub refinishing is worth it, ask yourself these questions: Are the benefits worth the price?

A reglazing process is a great way to make your bathtub look new again. The process involves removing the old surface by sanding or acid-etching. Then, a special urethane glaze is applied to the tub to simulate its original finish and color. Once applied, the refinishing process should last for up to 15 years, depending on the condition of your tub. If you don’t take care of it, subsequent refinishing attempts will likely peel off and chip more easily.

When choosing the refinishing service provider, make sure you ask for estimates from three or four companies. Getting quotes from at least three different providers will help you decide which type of service to hire, and which one is best for you. Some companies may even offer a warranty period for their work, but this is dependent on the type of tub you have. And, because bathtubs are usually costly to replace, a warranty period of a few years will be a worthwhile investment.

If your bathtub is in good condition, refinishing it can cost a lot less than replacing it entirely. A small chip can spread and impact the overall appearance of your tub. A simple chip repair could cost anywhere from $100 to $300, depending on the size and type of tub installed in your bathroom. However, if you have multiple chips or cracks, refinishing the bathtub is probably your best option.

The price for bathtub refinishing varies greatly, but the cost is typically between $350 and $650. You can expect to spend anywhere from three to eight hundred dollars for a simple cast iron tub. An antique clawfoot porcelain tub can easily cost as much as $2,000.