8 Inspiring Mendix Case Studies You Need to Read!

8 Inspiring Mendix Case Studies You Need to Read!

In the modern world, corporations understand digitalization is the key to success and survival, workers demand advanced tools to execute their roles, and clients want their needs foreseen. Mendix is rapidly becoming the driver of the digital business landscape. This low-code platform combines current technology to reinforce solutions that relieve IT logjams, smoothen operations, and improve engagement.

Mendix vastly enhances developer productivity and motivates not-so-technical developers to build applications (apps) thanks to its intuitive visual interface and collaborative capabilities. Mendix platform is open, agile, extensible, proven, and cloud-native, and it is recognized as a visionary and a leader. It is the pillar of digital-first businesses, proven by native mobile, intelligent automation, and artificial intelligence.

The Mendix low-code platform has been embraced by various leading industries. Read on to discover some of Mendix’s amusing and inspiring case studies. 

  1. IoT-Enabled Remote Monitoring System on Mitsubishi Elevator

The primary aim of Mitsubishi Elevator is to employ state-of-the-art technology, principles, and equipment to improve its operations and customer satisfaction. The industry has embraced new technologies in the past few years, including smart factory principles, smart industry, and lean philosophy. Every Mitsubishi Elevator includes a remote monitoring system as a typical feature.

Additionally, the proprietary Move system permits sales managers to create mockup drawings and auto-generated quotes for their clients by responding to questions. The flexibility and robustness of the low-code platform offered Mitsubishi a means to easily and quickly meet their customers’ needs. The industry already has the Internet of Things (IoT) sensors that help monitor usage and incidences like floods or heavy rains and collects data from all elevators. Mitsubishi currently offers an incomparable customer experience thanks to embracing low-code solutions

  1. Development of Natia ve Mobile App in Erie Insurance Without Expert Developers

Erie Insurance is the top insurance provider in the United States. For years now, their customer portal has been mobile-responsive. Nevertheless, the company’s team realized the need to develop Android apps and native iOS to meet customer needs and deliver an improved digital experience. 

Partnering with Mendix, they found a solution where they could effortlessly meet their requirements by leveraging existing resources without employing mobile-specific developers. Currently, Erie Insurance has Android apps and native iOS, which gives them a competitive edge in the market and enhances their customer’s digital experience.

  1. A Digitalized Customer Experience in Dutch Railways

Dutch Railways has been a dependable asset for passengers and commuters in the Netherlands. Due to the Covid pandemic, the company needed a quick digital solution to deliver passengers a pleasant and safe journey. 

Leveraging a low-code platform, the team developed a new customer portal to act as a travel planner. Clients can access the app and view real-time schedules and availability. This data is derived from planner API, which communicates available bicycle spots and open seats on any train. Customers can make reservations and get notifications on cancellations, schedule changes, and updates. 

  1. Medication Delivery Using Smart App in AntTail Tackles

AntTail is a pharmaceutical supply chain enterprise that has developed a new business model. They have a medication temperature monitoring solution that leverages sensors that ensure proper medication delivery and medical supplies. Using apps, the company can monitor all shipments, ensure maintenance of proper medication temperatures and remind patients to timely take medications.

AntTail leverages the REST service module from the Mendix app store that helps publishing services, consuming services, and data synchronization between apps. Through the native REST service, clients can now rapidly access data and make vital organizational decisions in real-time.

  1. Reconnecting IT and Business at Securex

Mendix has helped accelerate development and ease management of the software development process in Securex. This is enabled by the platform’s model-driven approach to coding. With Mendix, minimal resources are required in the database sector as the developer can handle the database administration. Also, the automated testing suite has made testing simpler and faster. Securex can rapidly create test cases and set up the test suite in that case.

Mendix platform delivers both efficiency and speed. Therefore, fast development allows the company to focus on creating innovative apps that the company looks forward to. Leveraging Mendix, the Securex IT team has created several front-end apps that have transformed their operations and shaped the organization’s future.

  1. Using Mendix App Test Suite to Drive Business Application Adoption-ING

ING aims to become the top industry and is inspired to do things right. Therefore, with an automated test tool, the industry could ensure rigorous testing of apps. In that case, they could remain compliant with security guidelines and internal development rules. 

With Mendix solution, ING could launch a fully-tested app in good time. The industry acquired comprehensive test coverage, ensuring app quality, prompt adoption, and meeting security and internal development guidelines. Using the same test cases on varied application environments, the industry can repeat automated test cases endlessly and save time. This could not be the case with rewriting test cases.

  1. Employing Low-Code to Accelerate Global Ambitions-Stella Fietsen

The Mendix low-code platform offers a base to various Stella applications even with their planned integrations from other services like Dynamics 365, IoT, Power BI, Salesforce, and others. Stella leverages the Mendix platform as it can help develop additional business logic and value and become unique from competitors. Also, Mendix is used for My Apps, Sites, customer-facing portals, and backend processes. With Mendix’s flexibility, Stella has been able to release Mendix-based apps for lease and tools that support new product line launches within a short period.

  1. Back Office Automation-Miroslav Samoylenko

Miroslav is Ingersoll-Rand’s managing technical architect who endeavors to improve individuals’ work lives using technology. The Mendix UI has helped them visualize web services that support functionality publishing of back-office applications. Within six months and one year, the company has created at least five applications that can handle the data entry and, with one click, can call an ERP web service. This has helped them enhance their application building and improved productivity.

Final Thoughts

Mendix is a platform that is driving digital innovations across industries. Through smart applications, the platform enables organizations to make connected insights and things actionable. It delivers the easiest and fastest way for businesses to develop apps and deliver new and improved customer experiences.