How To Use Tech To Revamp The Customer Service Experience

How To Use Tech To Revamp The Customer Service Experience

Any business’s growth has a lot to do with the level and quality of customer service that they can deliver. It is possible that the company doesn’t even have a good quality product like their competitors but will be able to make more sales with a high-quality customer experience.

Over the years, we have seen rapid growth in customers’ expectations from businesses that they patronize. This has led many businesses to be more up-and-doing to meet up with these high levels of expectation. Businesses that can meet up with these expectations will be able to increase their customer satisfaction, making them more loyal and ambassadors of the brand.

The growth of technology has been rampant over the last decade. This has impacted many industries in many ways. Different companies and businesses have capitalized on technological advancement to improve various aspects of their operations. Customer service happens to be one of the most critical operations/departments of a business and companies. These days, companies can use technological tools to create customer satisfaction through good customer service, which has helped many businesses grow.

We are currently in an age where social media take a large part of our everyday life. It has also created a platform for customers to speak willingly, post, or write about a company or a product. With this, companies can quickly scale their business, getting more traffic and traction, increase their sales and revenue generation, etc., or the business dies off in obscurity. One of the best ways for businesses to get a good review online and social media is to provide high-quality customer service.

The growth of technology means that businesses can take up different ways to increase customer service quality. Technology has helped many businesses to revamp their customer service experience, and according to some college paper reviews, here is how:

Self-service optimization

Of all the benefits that technology has for business and business growth, the most interesting one is perhaps providing the customers with a self-service option to deal with their problems. This also has several benefits:

  • It saves the customers time that would have been spent waiting in turn for customer agents to answer them.
  • It makes customer service easier for the business and helps to save costs.
  • It takes away much of the problem from the customer service agents.

If a business implements this correctly, creating a self-service portal allows the customer service agent to have more time for themselves and other personal activities. Examples of self-service options or instruments are live chat software, chatbots, knowledgebase articles, etc. All of these allow the business to provide an excellent customer experience.

Chatbots for faster communication

One thing that customers have always wanted is for brands and businesses to respond to them instantly when they reach out. This desire and want for instant gratification among customers continues to rise and puts the customer service agents in tight positions.

There was a time when customers had to wait for hours before customer service agents reached out to them in response. However, nobody wants this anymore. Nobody has that much time to wait again. Even businesses don’t have that much time to waste because competitors are waiting to poach your customers. Yet, businesses can’t hire enough customer service agents to provide immediate support for their customers.

How would businesses solve this problem through technology? Chatbots!

Chatbots provide a first contact resolution for both the business and the customers. These businesses can program appropriate responses to some of the problems that are common among their customers. This way, many customers get answers to their questions without getting to the customer agents. Only the more technical issues are dealt with by the agents. This provides a solution for everybody.

Research by IBM showed that up to 85% of customer interactions would be resolved without human interactions. The best part of this is that many customers do not care if it’s a human or a bot that’s interacting with them as long as their issue is resolved.

Analytics to drive service delivery

When it comes to delivering high-quality customer service, there are three types of businesses: the ones that excel at providing high-quality customer service. Some are striving to provide excellent customer service. Then others are just there not doing anything to improve their customer service experience.

It’s natural that businesses that excel at customer service experience take a unique approach from the other businesses. According to Mark Twain, a data analytics and book report writer at uk best essays, the distinguishing factor is that these businesses use data analytics to drive their customer experience. Customer analytics is now a big deal and is used to drive personalization in different ways.

Data analytics is one of the common ways businesses are using technology to revamp their customer service experience. This way, they get to know their customers’ most significant problems and create processes to resolve them.

Automated marketing and personalization

Marketing is critical to businesses because it will be impossible for them to get their products and services out to their audience without marketing. Also, their customer service experience is incomplete without marketing. When businesses take their time to carry out their marketing, they can easily infiltrate the market with new products and make sales as though they are tested and trusted in the marketplace. On the other hand, when they don’t plan their marketing well enough, it will lead to customer dissatisfaction in the end. It could also lead to a complete turnoff of their customers.

So, marketing and how it’s done is essential to gaining and retaining customers. This is why businesses try to create the best marketing experience for their customers as much as they can. To do this, they have to make sure it is personalized.

The introduction of data analytics into business operations has made it possible to evaluate customers’ interests and behavior across different touchpoints. So, businesses can create different segments for their customers based on particular parameters and personally reach them. This is similar to how e-commerce websites recommend items to customers based on their previous purchases or viewed product on the website.

Personalization is very effective in digital marketing, and the most effective way to do this is through automation. An example of how you can automate this by making your website responsive to a particular location. The point of personalization is for the customers or audience to feel like you’re directing your marketing to then ‘personally.’ This will improve the customer service experience for them, make them more loyal, and increase the sales and revenue generation of the business.

Workforce management

In the digital age that we are in, a fast-rising change in business operations is remote working, unlike the past decades when everyone has to resume to a particular location before getting work done. The internet has allowed us to be able to create remote teams working for the same company from different parts of the world. The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant lockdown means that businesses that didn’t have a remote work culture were forced to adopt it. Otherwise, they will not be able to continue running.

Some of the advantages of having a remote team are its operational efficiency, scalability, and flexibility. However, there’s a challenge it poses for managers, and this is in workforce management.

Workforce management has to do with creating leaves, recesses, and schedules for the employees to ensure that work efficiency does not reduce.

Thankfully, technology has made it easy with the numerous workforce management tools in the market. Managers can easily create detailed plans for assembling their workforce; they can synchronize work time for remote teams in different zones, schedule meetings, etc. With these tech tools, managers do not have to plan manually anymore.  They can coordinate their workforce to maintain their effectiveness, allowing them to create an excellent customer service experience for their customers.

Customer segmentation surveys

An essential tool for businesses, especially in marketing, is customer segmentation. It determines a lot in terms of customer service activities, the direction of sales and marketing, etc. However, classifying customers into different segments or buckets is quite tricky. This is even more difficult if you are classifying based on the customer’s loyalty level to your business. To achieve this, you need an NPS survey tool to help you out.

The NPS survey tool is a tool that is used to measure the loyalty of customers. It is also used to determine the level of willingness that a customer has to refer your business to other people, far and wide. It can segment the customers into different groups; the detractors, passives, and promoters, based on how they rank on a scale of 10 points.

This allows the business to consider the customers’ NPS score and the feedback they get from their customers and use it to take decisive and corrective actions. Some of these actions could be turning detractors from churning or changing passives into promoters. This is not something that you can do manually, but you can achieve it with the NPS tool’s help.


Most technological advancements aim to make things easier for people, which isn’t different for many businesses. “The introduction of technology for businesses has allowed them to grow and provide the best customer service experience for their customers.” – says Jake Gardener, marketing expert and paper writer at Brillassignment.   

Unsurprisingly, there are multiple tools across different facets of a business that they can use to improve their customer service delivery. In the end, this will result in their customers becoming more loyal and will drive sales and revenue generation for the business.

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