How Does A 1337x Proxy Work?

How Does A 1337x Proxy Work?

If this is the first time you are planning on using a proxy site, it is essential to know that it is actually working. What a 1337x proxy does is basically act as the intermediate server between a user and the website the person is going to use. Data is transferred on behalf of the individual to the website he is visiting. That way, the visiting website does not get the user’s IP address. So proxy sites can help you browse privately and safely.

1337x Proxy Servers

Basically, a proxy server is a server that provides users with a channel who need resources coming from other servers. This acts like a web filter and fire extinguisher to provide shared cache data so that common requests are sped up. 

The best way that 1337x sites can be accessed is to use 1337x proxy servers. They can be privately accessed since with the help of the proxy server outsiders will not be able to discover you are connected with the website.

The following are methods that can be used for unblocking or accessing 1337x:

1. VPN: The website often cannot be accessed due to security reasons when a certain country is blocked via deep inspection. VPN allows those restrictions to be bypassed. There are free VPNs that are available. However, you can also try out effective and affordable VPNs such as IP Vanishes, Nord VPN, and ExpressVPN to keep browsers private and safe. 

2. Mirror Sites: Mirror sites such as,, and can be used to unblock 1337x. The mirror sites make it possible for users to browse 1337x from a restricted country.

Use VPN Services To Unblock 1337x

VPN services allow a secure connection to be created over the internet to another network. The best option is to use a 1337x VPN service if you want to remain anonymous online and safely browse over the 1337x torrent website. This will help to ensure that your identity is protected online. You can stream blocked content and beat marketing agencies, ISP tracking, and hackers.

People might be concerned with which is the best VPN to keep their personal details protected such as bank details, usernames, and passwords while using them. Here are some of the best qualitative and reliable 1337x VPN services that are available:

Ivacy (100+ locations and special offers)

NordVPN (Socks5 proxy servers and server facilities in 62 countries)

ExpressVPN (ultra-fast servers to use on mobile apps and 30 days risk-free)

Why Do 1337x Torrent Sites Get Blocked?

Generally, torrent sites pirate the company’s material before it is released. You can get new software and new movies on Torrent sites before the official printed releases. If you cannot access the 1337x website this means your region has blocked it.

Complaints are filed by these companies against the illegal copyright sources via DMCA policy. DMCA states that the owner’s file can be removed but if it isn’t then you won’t have to pay anything.

Due to not being accepted by law, the torrent websites are blocked by various governments from their ISP networks. However, there are some websites that use an encrypted connection such as SSL that are up still through VPN facilities such as Tor.

Using The Tor Browser To Unblock 1337x

The Tor browser is a great option if you would like to unblock 1337x. People can easily access 1337x on this platform. It contains sets of powerfully transmitted verified and compiled proxies. It will encrypt your locations and your traffic will not be able to be tracked. Compared to standard web browsers, a much higher anonymity level is provided.

1337x Torrent Alternative Websites

Like all other torrent sites, 1337x is plagued with frequent downtime. So it is a good idea to be aware of some of the more popular 1337x alternative options so you can get your tasks completed when you need to. Fortunately, you can find a majority of 1337x content elsewhere. The following are some of the top 1337x torrent options that can be used:

YTS: This proxy website is well-known for distributing quality free movies. Quality HD video can be downloaded by users in small size from the platform. 

Torrentz2: This 1337x alternative torrent provides all options in a single place along with screenshots, a complete torrent description, and how a hunter can be converted. With one click your favorite TV series, music, and movies can be downloaded through the network from multiple download locations such as magnet downloads or direct torrent-file transfer.

RARBG: Bit torrent protocol is used by this site to share by providing different torrent links. The global website was started in 2008. It is definitely one of the top 1337x alternatives that should be checked out. 

Kickass Torrent: This is one of the top 1337x modes. It features a very clean and clean structure. That means you won’t regret spending your valuable time on Kickass Torrent. There are easy sections and the website is well-organized which makes it quite easy to download, music, apps, or movies to meet your requirements and needs. Meaning you can have everything from the latest Call of Duty series to an ebook on gardening like this

Pirate Bay: This site is known as being the most popular bit torrent site in the world.  On this website, you will be able to find your favorite applications, software, games, TV series, and movies that you would like to download. The P2P website shares magnetic links. They are commonly used to reference resources available through the network for download.